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We invite you to consult the questions which we have seen most often in our Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ) where, we hope, you will find the answer your are looking for. If you don't find what you are looking for there, don't hesitate to send us your questions by e-mail (Contact Us) . We will get back to you as soon as we can.

You will find a list of the most frequently asked questions below.

How can I go back to a page I saw before?
You can easily move forward or backward in the pages you have already visited by clicking on the Back or Forward button in the upper left corner of both Netscape and Explorer. (Try it. Click on the Back arrow to go back a page then on the Forward arrow to come back to this page.)

Why are some things on the pages underlined?
It will happen that some things on the page are underlined or appear in a different color from the rest of the text. When you point to these words and you click, your browser will display another page which contains these words. These underlined (or colored) words are called hypertext links or more often, simply links, because they link to another page on the World Wide Web. If you place the mouse cursor over these words, the arrow you usually see becomes a hand. When you click on a link the color changes (going for example from blue to purple). This tells you that you have already clicked on the link or have already visited the page that it links to.

Why does the mouse arrow sometimes become a hand?
You will notice when you move around the screen that the arrow will sometime become a hand. This will happen when to move over a part of the text which is underlined or in a different color. This may also happen when you move over an image or icon.

Each time that the mouse arrow becomes a hand you can click on that spot. Try it now and see what happens. Its not going to wear it out so go ahead, try it! The places that you can click on are links (or hypertext links) to the World Wide Web; if you click on a link, another page will appear.

What is a bookmark?
Bookmarks are short-cuts to move to page which you have already consulted. When you visit a page which you expect to return to, even in several days or weeks, you can ask your browser (Netscape or Explorer) to save the location of this page. Select Bookmarks or Favorites in the tool bar and click on Add a Bookmark or Add to Favorites. The next time you want to visit this page you simply click on its name in the bookmarks list.

How can I save information on the hard drive
It may happen that you want to save information to your hard drive (or a floppy disk). By saving a page to your hard drive you can view it without having to be connected to the Internet. Choose File in the tool bar and select Save as... In the next dialogue box, choose text of source format (choose Text if you want to be able to open the the file you are saving in a word processing software or choose Source to open the file in Netscape or Explorer). Give the file a name (Source files will usually terminate in .html) and choose the folder you want to save to.

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