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Face-down Recovery Solutions

Seated Support System

(Seated Position)


Seat comfortably, discuss, eat, read, play, do craft and watch tv while healing.

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Sleep Support System

(Lying Position)

Sleep peacefully and comfortablywhile maintaining your head in a face-down position.

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Majik Mirror

This double mirror enables patient to see forward by keeping their eyes down. Discuss and watch TV are then possible activities. Keep an eye contact with all your visitors during your recovery.
Head-Positioning (Prism) Glasses

Designed to provide the user with a limited straight ahead field of view when the head is position in the required downward orientation. Those glasses offers a good alternative to the Majjik View Mirror especially while standing up or moving around. Devoted to indoor use only, the assistance of a sighted person is therefore mandatory when use for any outdoor activities.
Face rest cushion with memory foam

Made with memory foam and an integrated water bubbles system for an optimal comfort.

Face Rest Covers

Machine washable & dryable. Polycotton & flannel. Sanitary & absorbent. All microfibre nightime face rest cushion.

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