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Dear Customer:

We would like to thank you for choosing Therapeutik Equipments, the authorised Canadian distributor for OAKWORKS™ face-down recovery supports. Your health is important to us and we hope to make your life easier during your recovery. We at Therapeutik Equipments know how important effective service, which is adapted to you needs, is to you. It is for this reason that we ask you to carefully read the general rental conditions below and to contact us if you require any clarification.

We wish you a healthy recovery.

The Management


The availability of articles may be limited. We invite you to book your unit as soon as possible since the face down support units are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

Rental rates are in Canadian dollars and my contain errors or be subject to change without notice. Delivery, installation & pickup fees and applicable taxes are in addition to the rates contained herein unless otherwise indicated.

Delivery fees vary depending on the destination and required delays. You are advised of said costs at the time you place your order and they appear separately on your invoice.

The Installation fees include the installation of the equipment at the client’s home. The installation visit takes approximately 90 minutes to be completed. The installation fees do not include any return visit possibly requested by the customer (during the rental period). Any return visit is billed at the installation rate.

Vitrectomy face down support are available throughout rental for a minimum of 7 days.

Only the Discount Packages (15-Days-Special & 21-Days-Special) already include the setup fee of the equipment.

The customer is responsible for insuring that the merchandise can be physically delivered to the agreed location and on the agreed date. If a first delivery attempt is unsuccessful, additional delivery fees will apply for any subsequent delivery. Any change made to the delivery address after the merchandise has left our warehouse is also subject to additional fees.

Therapeutik Equipments assumes responsibility for loss or damage , which occurs during delivery. Delivery dates are approximate. Therapeutik Equipments accepts no responsibility in the case of delays in delivery.

Unless the customer can supply a valid and exact tax exemption certificate which is applicable to the location to which the equipment is delivered, the federal goods and services tax (GST) and the Quebec sales tax (QST) are applicable. The QST applies only to residents of Quebec; residents of other Canadian provinces will not be required to pay provincial sales tax for equipment rentals. All taxes are indicated separately on the invoice.

Payment of rental fees may be made in cash, by personal cheque, certified cheque, postal money order, VISA™, MASTERCARD™, AMERICAN EXPRESS™ or by electronic bank transfer. Cheques or money orders should be made payable to Therapeutik Equipments. A 3% fee will be added to transactions made using credit cards .

Unless otherwise stipulated in the contract, payment must be received prior to delivery of the merchandise. Convalescent supports may be eligible for payment upon delivery in the greater Montreal area

A security deposit made on VISA™, MASTERCARD™ or AMERICAN EXPRESS™ may be required. This deposit will be returned to the customer upon the return of the merchandise.

Upon reception, the customer must examine the equipment and any rented accessories and insure that they are undamaged and in prefect working condition. Any anomaly or imperfection must be indicated in writing on the purchase order, a copy of which will be given to all parties.

The customer agrees to care for the equipment and accessories as if he where the owner thereof and shall be solely responsible for any loss through fire, theft or any other cause and agrees to pay the replacement cost or present value should it be impossible to replace them. The customer agrees to pay for any damage caused to the equipment and/or accessories while they are in his care and until they are hand over by the return carrier if it’s the case.

Although the term of the present rental contract comes into effect from the time the customer takes possession of the equipment and any accessories and terminates once he returns them to Therapeutik Equipments, the rental rate start at the date of surgery and end when the recovery time is over.

The customer agrees to advise Therapeutik Equipments by registered mail of any loss of the equipment rented immediately following said loss, shall indicate the circumstances leading to said loss and shall notify local police without delay, in the case of fire, theft or vandalism.

For your information, here are the replacement cost of some items include in the rental package: 50$ for the Majjik View Mirror, 110$ for the Head-Down Positioning Glasses & 35$ for tears in the vinyl. Please take notes that an extra 50$ cleaning fee will be add to any package rented by smokers or use in a smoking environment.

The customer agrees to advise Therapeutik Equipments by phone of any extension to the initial duration of rental and to pay any amount due upon return of the equipment.

Unless otherwise indicated in the contract, the return shipping costs remains at the expense of the customer. Also, unless otherwise indicated in the contract, the customer agrees to return the rented equipment and accessories, upon expiration of the lease, to the offices of Therapeutik Equipments in the same perfect condition and the same good working order as at the time of delivery, except for normal and natural wear. The parties have agreed upon the date and time at which the customer will return the product. Any delay in returning the equipment will result in a fee corresponding the agreed rental fee for any additional days.

In the case of an early return of the equipment by the customer, Therapeutik Equipments will reimburse 75% of the remaining contract value. If a discount package (15 or 21 days Special) has been chosen by the customer, this remaining contract value will be established as the difference between the given package and an ‘’A la Carte’’ pricing. Any costs incurred for delivery, installation and recovery of the materials, are not reimbursable. Take note that no refund is possible if the customer ‘ surgery date has been postpone once the installation done.

Therapeutik Equipments makes no medical representation regarding the use of any equipment and may not be held responsible for any medical problems that the lessee may have which arise, or result in any way from any medical treatment of any kind including, without limitation, eye surgery rendered to the lessee by a physician or other health care provider.

Therapeutik Equipments shall in no way be held responsible for any injuries or damages, which result from the use of the equipment in a manner in which the equipment was not intended to be used. The lessee accepts the control and responsibility thereof. The lessee is encouraged to consult with his/her physician prior to use the equipment.

Therapeutik Equipments do not assume responsibility for any bacterial or microbial transmission caused by a not properly disinfected equipment.

Therapeutik Equipments shall not be held responsible for delays or the non-execution of its obligations when caused by circumstances beyond their control or by force majeure.

The laws of Quebec and any applicable Canadian laws govern all transactions.



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