Post-vitrectomy Recovery
The Surgery
Why Remain Face-Down
Medical Websites and Video References

Recovery Support
Seated Support System
Sleep Support System
Possibilities in action!
Product Instructions & Video
Delivery & Setup

Financial Issues
Tax Deductions



The costs of renting post vitrectomy convalescent aids are covered by most insurance plans. We strongly advise that you obtain a prescription from your doctor for these aids. Please consult you insurance policy or your insurer for more information. We can also help you in making an insurance claim and in some cases we can make the claim for you for the equipment rental. Our representative will be happy to evaluate your eligibility.

Tax Deductions

Rental fees for convalescent aids which are not covered by a private or public health insurance can be included on your tax report and are therefore tax deductible. Your accountant or financial advisor can advise you in this regards.


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